Cover Art: The Pain of Decision

Just over a week ago I asked y'all to give me your opinions on some draft book covers for The Jack Hansard Series - and your response was fantastic! Thank you for all of your messages on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Wattpad - we've been weighing up your comments and have come to our…Read more Cover Art: The Pain of Decision


Cover Art: Ask the Audience

This is an update for all you fantastic people following the progress of The Jack Hansard Series. Firstly: thank you for your amazing support! It means a lot that you've stuck with me (and Jack) throughout this weird journey. I've just recently finished editing Season 1, and so have turned my sights to self-publishing. Joining…Read more Cover Art: Ask the Audience

Lessons Learned: 5 Tips for Episodic Writing

Now that Season 1 of Jack Hansard is complete, this seems like a good time to take a step back and reflect on the lessons I've learned over the past year and a bit. I've made plenty of mistakes, and the beautiful thing about mistakes is that they cause you to evaluate the way you…Read more Lessons Learned: 5 Tips for Episodic Writing

Back In Business!

Moved into new house: Check. Switched utility suppliers: Check. Found new internet provider: Check. Castrated unhelpful TalkTalk employees: Check. Finally uploaded Episode 13 of the Hansard Series: Freakin' CHECK! I know it's taken a long time, but it's finally here. That was a ridiculous cliffhanger to be left on, wasn't it? Everyone's stranded in the…Read more Back In Business!

This update brought to you by the agents of frustration

For anyone who may have been expecting Episode 13 of the Jack Hansard Series to go up today, I've got bad news for you. The next update is going to be delayed until I have access to internet at my new house. Happily, the house move itself was successful (yay!). Sadly, the internet switch was…Read more This update brought to you by the agents of frustration