1 Profile B&WMy name is Georgina Jeffery, and this is my Mess.

Try not to step on the tenuously woven metaphors, and do watch out for the experimental analogies in the corner – they get antsy around strangers.

I’m an author of short, fantastical fiction. The Jack Hansard Series is my episodic modern fantasy following the misadventures of an occult merchant in 20 short stories (and it’s free to read right here). I’m fascinated by folklore from around the world, so you’ll find mythical beasties, malevolent spirits, and eldritch magic in a lot of my fiction.


What is The Jack Hansard Series?

It’s contemporary fantasy in an episodic format. Do you want the convenience of a short read but the satisfaction of a novel? Stories that can stand alone, but hook together into something more epic, like a TV series? Do you like cunning villains, sly heroes, and weird adventures? I got you:

Jack Hansard is the man who can sell you anything. Luck in a bottle, fame in a box, dreams on a leash, you name it – if he doesn’t have it, he’ll convince you he has something better. He’s a trader on what’s known as the Black Market… the occult Black Market, that is. If you’re in need of that extra special something to curse your ex-lover or win your fortune, Hansard’s the man to go to. Just make sure you check the ‘best before’ date on anything he tries to sell you first.

The first edition of Season One is completely free to read right here on the website.

Check out my blog for news and writing updates, and occasional articles of folklore interest. See my other free reads here. If you have a question, get in touch! I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and Wattpad if those are your preferred channels.